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Gathering the Threads of a Trajectory

A Singerian Inquirer “sweeps-in” ideas. The following is a list of the ideas which I am adding to my inquiry into metaphysics. I sense that together each of these ideas is important. Perhaps these threads can be woven together to make a tapestry. Regardless, they are puzzles for the mind to grasp and for our bones to withstand. 1. My metaphysics: it is all [more …]

Radiant Bunny Mission Statement

Radiant Bunny is a collaborative whose mission is to help people grow food. Radiant Bunny designs, using both inquiring systems theory and the permaculture design method. Radiant Bunny helps site stakeholders by producing a Site Analysis and Assessment Report that can be used by permaculture designers to design and implement edible forest gardens and other grow-our-own-food projects. Radiant Bunny assumes that permaculture design is [more …]

Climbing Amongst the Kernel Theory Branches of a Singerian Inquiring System

Please know that there is a feeling of silliness when writing about Churchman and his ideas. Why read commentary when the source is clear prose with a sense of the context unfolding. I recommend setting this down and picking up the original chapter. What is added then is how these ideas might be useful in the field. If there is to be an understanding [more …]

Footprints in the Snow and Snowprints on the Foot

The blizzard dropped its snow and the next day the rabbit tracks told a story. My own story culminated in the revealing of a spirit guide. I had moved a wheelbarrow and revealed in the lush grass a small newborn bunny who was perhaps not expecting the full sun. I quickly put the wheelbarrow back as I had found it. After that morning I [more …]

Systems Thinking and Other Useful Wild Plants

On Thinking Unsystematically About Systems Thinking. With so many posts about inquiring systems, I started thinking about systems thinking, one of the foundational subjects in the Management Information Systems curriculum I took. Ironically, these thoughts about systems thinking may be disjointed now, and its theme so much leathery banana peel for the compost pile. Nevertheless, thoughts about systems thinking come to mind and my [more …]

Bee Beneath the Borage

We pledged to ourselves to love all sentient beings. On the field, farming for the CSA, we ran across so many creatures. Worms! The glorious worms of our earth’s soil. And little black beetles, and grubs, and bees, and dragonflies, and birds too many to name here. In the field our water-gushing hoses accidentally flushed out a nest of little youngster mice, just minding [more …]

Designing Questions about Questioning the Questions

The design of Singerian Inquiring Systems is a theory of a way to acquiring knowledge. When I look closely, I find nine working parts to the theory. So, consider it a large theory. Furthermore, the theory itself is one of five inquiring systems theories written by C. West Churchman in The Design of Inquiring Systems: Basic Concepts of Systems and Organization. So, there is [more …]

Thesis Versus Antithesis

It’s a trap! Remember what Systemantics says roughly “You can choose your problems.” Avoid the smackdown by not entering the ring. Wake up now, as there is no ring. You are the one that rings the bell. As my adviser (Courtney!) used to say, with a good dose of systems thinking on a map that needs a bigger piece of paper, “Follow the money.” [more …]

As the Paint Dries, We Query: Who Calibrates Your Color Scheme?

Little by little I have been describing my views of Churchman’s Inquiring Systems. The story unfolds with 5 different inquirers, each accumulating truth according to its knowledge-gathering design. We start with the Leibnizian Inquiring System, which looks within itself, finds general truths, and then deduces a grab bag of truths. One of these grab bags, for example, is labeled Mathematics. Next, we encounter the [more …]

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