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When the Shift Hits the Fan

For years I read a blog about freegold, and recently the blogger (FOFOA) wrote a biographical note that he had an intense desire to study and come to an understanding of the Crash of 2008. This struck a note. Those events also mark the beginning of my intense interest in understanding the financial opportunity at hand.

While studying these current events in the world of high finance, I find it easy to be down in spirit. After all, the rot appears to run deep within the system. Of all the sci-fi that I have read, does have to be 1984 that the world mimics? But, with a little rock and roll on the tunebox...

The possibility of dollar collapse could itself be express in many forms. Where do the forces that decide a new paradigm reside? Is money our human organism thinking? The topics are not for polite company. Nevertheless, the software runs.

The word crisis having opportunity, and all that. Or, call it Creative Destruction. The Radiant Bunny reads a tiny book which reads: The field may be harrowed and new seeds may be sowed.

There is an event horizon of sorts, the now, at which time and place our society travels. As if a fulcrum exists, hair-sweeping wind, as people think different thoughts and change their beliefs about reality. As the shift hits the fan.

As the shift hits the fan, chaos theory may help us understand these changes. The theory of freegold may help us. Other theories, too, may help us to understand. Concepts, that are groundedHelp us react with compassion.