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inquiring systems for permaculture designers
poem on wall

[The photograph of the poem was taken at the Garden of Ideas in Ridgefield, Connecticut.]

Finding Yourself on Rabbit Beach

The now is all I have. What I do right now is what determines what I become. If I make hammers, then I become a hammermaker.

I am guided by my values, which are nothing more than basic a priori design rules, guidelines between which I find myself, at all times and in all circumstances. These design rules reflect behaviors promoted by the structure of my thinking mind, perhaps my being. My natural reaction to this action of living culminates in these three themes. I cannot help but do these things.

This list exists not so that I can follow these concepts as imperatives. These are listed so that I can study and come to a more complete understanding of the concepts and, in these, understand myself.

The acronym is CHL which perhaps means that together the idea is to chill, relax and be reflective in my daily and nightly tasks.