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chicken staring you down

Chicken Rock Radio

I saw a chicken scratching twice, then backing up a few steps, and pecking the dirt. I saw a chicken plop herself in the dirt and scratch and roll around and take a dirt bath. I saw a chicken eat a worm, an ant, and then a bug as the bug flew by the chicken's beak.

By happenstance I have observed a chicken. The chicken dances to the chicken rock radio.

To say "no\ the chicken swipes her beak back and forth on the ground. To say "I am happy" the chicken purrs as good as any mammal. Twice, I have seen an acoustic guitar being played and the bird will jump/fly over and sit by the playing music. Crook your neck to the Chicken Rock Radio. Yeah, the Free Radio Chicken Rock. Chicken Rock Radio! Chicken Rock Radio! Free the chicken rock radio.