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Community Seed Creed

They are so tiny that they almost have their own rules of physics, rolling and bouncing and finding their way to the ground.

So, if we are going to be planting seeds, we have to gather some seeds. 1. Collecting seeds can be fun. But, the radiant bunny might consider if the seeds themselves are not the means to growing your own food. Rather the seeds might be the food. 2. The radiant bunny stores the seeds gathered in a safe place. The place is dark and on the cooler side of things. A metal box may protect the seeds from mice looking for a meal. All-in-all, here we defer to the seed expert.

Seed Sellers

Below is a list of companies who sell seeds. There is probably a mix of organic and non-organic seeds, so keep a lookout in the descriptions of the seeds. The radiant bunny hopes to try them all and relate the experience. Meanwhile, the websites are all wonderful to browse, like flowers on an open field.

Some Seed Suppliers
name city state
Botanical Interests Broomfield CO
Burpee Warminster PA
Fedco Seeds Waterville ME
Guitar Center Boston MA
High Mowing Organic Seeds Wolcott VT
Horizon Herbs Wolcott VT
Hudson Valley Seed Library Hudson Valley New York
Johnny\'s Selected Seeds Winslow MN
Plantation Products Norton MA
Seeds of Change Rancho Dominguez CA
Turtle Tree Seed Opake NY

OK, so Guitar Center does not sell seeds. The radiant bunny just kinda threw that in there for good measure. Seeds Rock!