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Sharing the Potting Soil

In thinking about the book Sharing the Harvest, I want to add that the CSA was also an essay in sharing the potting soil. So, in this way the book Sharing the Harvest is an inspirational book for me.

A few years ago, a desire to be part of CSA filled me twice over. The farmer's market wasn't enough. I wanted to be a part of the action. :)

The library was great, helping me with my research about the history of CSAs and what exactly a CSA is (more than I had thought yet a simple concept at its heart.) However, Sharing the Harvest: A Citizen's Guide to Community Supported Agriculture by Elizabeth Henderson & Robyn Van En was like a library within a library. The book told the stories of many CSAs that are out there. It touches my heart to read about these communities sharing the harvest.

So, that then is the radiant bunny take on the CSA experience thus far. The vegetables were good during last season's CSA. Yes, good indeed. But — looking back — it was the conversations about vegetables that I had with other CSA members that made it oh so wonderful and worthwhile. Yes, we shared the harvst. But we also shared the stories of the harvest.

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