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Ye Old Radiant Bunny 2012 Almanac

When I read the The Old Farmer's 2012 Almanac, I realize that it is I that is changing every year, all of these years. The moon and celestial spheres only orbit about on a fair and regular pattern. Try as I might, I cannot describe a book that precisely describes the Radiant Bunny when he with his friends and playing, hopping about. Each hop, a creative act.

Today the sun rose at 6:19 am. Like clockwork. Yet, not a clock, but a universe sublime.

And so the day is with a Sun and here I go and sit in a field to be calm and alert for the observation that will guide me along. Here on our planet-wide homestead.

My thoughts are on 7:15 pm, as the sun sets, and I can swear the plants are just a little bit bigger.