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inquiring systems for permaculture designers

Radiant Bunny Mission Statement

Radiant Bunny is a collaborative whose mission is to help people grow food.

Radiant Bunny designs, using both inquiring systems theory and the permaculture design method.

Radiant Bunny helps site stakeholders by producing a Site Analysis and Assessment Report that can be used by permaculture designers to design and implement biodynamic vegetable gardens, edible forest gardens, herb spirals, and other grow-our-own-food projects.

Radiant Bunny assumes that permaculture design is an information-intensive approach. This assumption is why Radiant Bunny is the caretaker of a free software project called FreeRadiantBunny, an application that enables the data of a Site Analysis and Assessment Report to be displayed in the form of a website and printed out in a stitchable zine.

Radiant Bunny derives it\'s name from our intrepid spirit guide, Radiant Bunny, played by Kitto the Botany Bunny, who starts conversations @radiantbunny.